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Trail bike riding in Queensland

Ride smart, ride safe and ride in the right place.

It's pretty hard to find places to ride that are close to home, fun and legal. But that doesn't mean it's ok to ride on land where you're not supposed to! When people ride in places where they shouldn't they could be damaging the land, polluting the waterways, annoying the people who live close by and even breaking the law.

If everyone rides in the right place, we can reduce trail bike related fatalities and injuries as well as the damage done to both the bush and the reputation of trail bike riders.

Facilities, safety and the environment

Wyaralong facility

State Planning Regulatory Provisions: Off-road motorcycling facility on State-owned land at Wyaralong.

Where to ride, who to ride with

It's not easy to find places to ride bikes in Queensland that are safe, interesting and legal.

Ride smart, ride safe

Local councils have developed laws to make sure communities and the environment are protected from the trail bike riders who do the wrong thing.

Protect the environment

It doesn't take much to wreck the bush. The first vehicle might just knock the scrub around a bit. But when someone else follows your detour—then another and another—pretty soon a track will form.

Develop and operate a trail bike park

The Queensland Government supports the appropriate development of facilities for outdoor recreation, including trail bike riding.

Information for councils

In 2007, 11 per cent of the population aged 18 years and over within South East Queensland reported that they enjoy recreational trail bike riding.

Contact information

Contact information for trail bike riding in Queensland.

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Research - Market Evaluation (PDF, 2.7M)
Find out about recent research on trail bike riders and their riding preferences.

Last updated
3 October 2014