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Queensland Adventure Activity Standards

What are the Queensland Adventure Activity Standards?

The Queensland Adventure Activity Standards are minimum guidelines for leaders of dependent groups conducting group outdoor adventure activities.

They are voluntary guidelines for undertaking potentially risky activities in a safe manner, for both participants and operators.

They reflect the minimum standards for planning and undertaking outdoor adventure activities for commercial and non-commercial groups, where the participants depend upon the activity provider.

The guidelines make it clear that those involved in group-based activities should have an opportunity to be appropriately informed of the legal expectations and responsibilities that they accept.

When followed, they also ensure that organisations and leaders know what is expected of them when conducting activities and that appropriate duty of care for self, others and the environment is afforded.

This initiative means that Queenslanders have access to Queensland-specific guidelines similar to those available in other states including Victoria, Tasmania, South and West Australia.

How were the guidelines developed?

A wide cross-section of the industry has been involved in the development of the guidelines. These include the Queensland outdoor industry, key Queensland government agencies and statutory authorities.

Where can I find the guidelines?

The guidelines for the adventure activities can be found on the Queensland Outdoor Recreation Federation website.

Skills and qualifications

The Adventure Activity Standards also outline the recommended skills and qualifications required by activity leaders. The list below links through to the equivalent units of competency required for each specific area. To access the information for a specific adventure activity area click on the relevant link in the list below.

SRO 06 Training Package (previous) SRO 10 Training Package (new)

Abseiling - artificial (old) (Word, 749K)*

Abseiling - artificial (PDF, 409K)

Abseiling - natural (old) (Word, 750K)*

Abseiling - natural (PDF, 416K)

Artificial climbing (old) (Word, 753K)*

Artificial climbing (PDF, 416K)

Bushwalking (old) (Word, 770K)*

Bushwalking (PDF, 411K)

Canoeing/kayaking - flatwater (old) (Word, 777K)*

Canoeing/kayaking - flatwater (PDF, 403K)

Canoeing/kayaking - sea (old) (Word, 785K)*

Canoeing/kayaking - sea (PDF, 405K)

Canoeing/kayaking - whitewater (old) (Word, 790K)*

Canoeing/kayaking - whitewater (PDF, 417K)

Challenge ropes courses (low ropes) (old) (Word, 744K)*

Challenge ropes courses (low ropes) (PDF, 407K)

Challenge ropes courses (high ropes) (old) (Word, 744K)*

Challenge ropes courses (high ropes) (PDF, 409K)

Four wheel driving (old) (Word, 736K)*

Four wheel driving (PDF, 397K)

Mountain biking (old) (Word, 749K)*

Mountain biking (PDF, 410K)

Recreational angling (old) (Word, 736K)*

Recreational angling (PDF, 180K)

Recreational caving (old) (Word, 738K)*

Recreational caving (PDF, 405K)

River rafting (old) (Word, 741K)*

River rafting (PDF, 396K)

Rock climbing (old) (Word, 763K)*

Rock climbing (PDF, 420K)

Surfing (old) (Word, 736K)*

Surfing (PDF, 179K)

Trail bike touring (old) (Word, 735K)*

Trail bike touring (PDF, 399K)

Trail horse riding (old) (Word, 739K)*

Trail horse riding (PDF, 409K)

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Last updated
20 May 2014