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Tracks conditions on Moreton Island

This alert applies to the following parks:

Moreton Island has received very little rainfall during November with most tracks soft and at times difficult to traverse.

Conditions are likely to deteriorate further if no substantial rain is received over the coming weeks. Delays are likely on Middle Road and the Tangalooma Bypass as traffic increases over the school holidays.

Things to remember:

  • Low clearance and all-wheel drive vehicles are not suitable on inland tracks.
  • Vehicle recovery equipment is essential for all vehicles.
  • Reducing your tyre pressure may assist when driving in soft sand. Remember to keep within the manufacturer's specifications as reduced tyre pressure will affect your vehicle's performance.
  • When driving with reduced tyre pressure, avoid sharp turns, sudden braking, high-speeds and driving over rough surfaces. Tyres can come off their rims and cause serious accidents.
Last updated
28 November 2017