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Athlete Management, Toowoomba

Monday20 November 2017


Part of the Building Active Communities Workshops program.

This workshop will focus on a blend of the following three topics.

Pre-season training plays a crucial role in supporting a team or individual athlete’s success, no matter how old or how advanced the athlete. In addition to the physical advantages an athlete will gain, a successful preseason strength and conditioning program aids in the prevention of short and long term injury. Preseason is the “hard work” phase that prepares the athlete for the rigors of the oncoming competition season, the aim being to bring athletes to their peak performance level without over-training. This workshop covers setting up a seasonal plan, resistance training programs, broad based and specific conditioning, general nutritional information and the role of recovery. This is the first of a three workshop series and leads into the Athlete Management ‘Game On!’ workshop.
The Athlete Management ‘Game On!’ workshop looks at maximising performance during competition or in-season. It examines multiple management elements relating to the athlete, coach and support staff. Topics covered include mapping seasonal contests; managing the team, players or individual to facilitate optimal performance; proper preparation including nutrition, physical, psychological and social preparation for competition; typical resistance training programs for in-season (power and strength); specific speed, agility, anaerobic conditioning for maintenance during the season and recovery protocols including specific post-competition. This workshop leads into ‘The Final Whistle’ Workshop.
Most athletes tend to focus on training and neglect recovery. An athlete can become fitter, stronger, faster and better prepared for competition with correct planning of training sessions and recovery practices. Recovery should be part of every athlete’s training and game regime. A proactive recovery provides the body with the nutrients it needs in a speedy and practical manner. This workshop will teach a range of recovery processes including replacing fluids and electrolytes and building recovery into an athlete’s training program. This workshop is ideal for players, parents, team managers and coaches.

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Closes Monday 13 November 2017
Toowoomba Sports Ground
47 Arthur Street
Toowoomba Qld 4350
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South West Queensland
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17 October 2017