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Strength and Conditioning plus Sport Nutrition, Bundaberg

Monday20 November 2017


Part of the Building Active Communities Workshops program.

Strength and conditioning should form an integral part of any athlete’s development and includes speed, agility, endurance, strength, stability, flexibility, injury prevention, management and rehabilitation. Each athlete's program may be individually tailored to meet their specific needs. This workshop provides a basic level of information for those working at the beginner coaching level to aid in the application and design of strength and conditioning programs. Topics covered include basic weightlifting and body weight exercise techniques, core strength training, program structure, integrating strength and conditioning with skill training as well as developmental and age-related considerations for young athletes. The workshop is suitable for coaches, athletes, teachers and other athlete support volunteers who are keen to help improve the performance of their athletes.

Good sports nutrition is about balancing the type and quantity of fluid and food taken by an athlete, and an understanding of the importance of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, supplements and organic substances including carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Although an important part of many sports training regimens, it is most commonly considered in strength sports, like weightlifting and bodybuilding, and endurance sports.
Whether you are a professional athlete or a ‘weekend warrior’, nutrition is fundamental to your athletic performance. The right diet will optimise your energy levels and help your body recover more effectively. During this workshop you will learn about food intake for training, hydration strategies, recovery practices and the Food for Sport program. There will also be an opportunity to discuss your sport specific questions and review related case studies.

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Closes Tuesday 14 November 2017
Brothers Sports Club
130 Takalvan Street
Kensington Qld 4670
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Central Queensland
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17 October 2017