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Keep kids safe and avoid fines at Inskip by controlling your dog

7 April 2017

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) is considering further limitations on dogs at Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area north of Rainbow Beach after an increase in dog control incidents that are ruining people’s enjoyment of the popular area.

QPWS Senior Ranger Col Lawton said recent incidents included dogs biting people, attacking other dogs, and running around off-leash.

He said the failure to control dogs could injure others – and be expensive for the owner.

“In February, a Brisbane man was ordered by Gympie Magistrates Court to pay more than $1500 in fines and costs for failing to control his rottweiler and to prevent it attacking a man and a dog at Inskip Point in 2016,” Mr Lawton said.

“We prefer to see dog owners complying voluntarily with the laws, but we can and will fine people for doing the wrong thing. That includes on-the-spot fines of $121 for having a dog off-leash in the recreation area.

“We will also evict dog owners from the recreation area if they are aggressive towards officials when approached about dog control issues.

“Please, remember that everyone comes to Inskip to enjoy a relaxed beachside holiday. Many come with their young families, and some with small dogs.

“We want Inskip to be a safe and friendly environment. We don’t want to ban dogs, but it could come to that if owners don’t take responsibility.

“Bringing your dog here is a privilege, and it’s one you don’t get at many other beachside campgrounds.

“Dogs must be on a leash at all times, and the responsible person must be capable of controlling the dog. Don’t hand over the lead to a teenager or child if they aren’t strong enough to control the dog.

“Also, consider that your normally well-behaved dog may behave very differently in a new environment with new people and dogs around.”

Mr Lawton said QPWS had been issuing on-the-spot fines of $121 to people taking dogs into Cooloola Recreation Area, including travelling through the area with a dog in the vehicle. 

“Dogs are only permitted in dog-friendly areas, on leash and under control.

“If you’re a dog lover, plan carefully before you enter a recreation area – check the Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area page, and also observe park signage to know the location of dog-friendly areas when you arrive,” he said.

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7 April 2017