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Use Bangalee Beach to access Sandy Point, rangers advise

8 April 2016

Natural erosion has caused the closure of Sandy Point road in Byfield National Park about 20km north of Yeppoon, and rangers are advising drivers to take care and use the alternative access route.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) Principal Ranger Capricornia Peter Moore said the popular boating and driving area south of Corio Bay was still accessible via the Bangalee Beach entry to Farnborough Beach.

“Sandy Point has retreated by more than a kilometre over the last 10 years or so, and now the road to the carpark at the northern tip has been damaged by the erosion,” Mr Moore said.

“Road access to the northern section of Sandy Point is closed from the Fishing Creek walking track.

“We have installed ‘road closed’ signage to warn visitors, and are removing the remaining park infrastructure at the northern end of the point.

“Please don’t increase the erosion by how you use your vehicle. Stay off the dunes and vegetation, and only drive on and off the beach where signed.

“Driving around the point at high tide is dangerous as your vehicle can get bogged in soft sand. Also, dead trees on the beach can block your path and may trap your vehicle.

“For safety, avoid driving on the beach three hours either side of high tide and at night,” Mr Moore said.

More information: Byfield National Park, Regional Park and State Forest.

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8 April 2016