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Drive safely for humans and wildlife on Fraser Island

29 September 2015

A video showing a vehicle swerving in front of another vehicle and towards a dingo on Fraser Island has prompted a warning to drivers.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) Principal Ranger Jamie Seeleither said driving on the island required concentration and awareness of hazards, as well as consideration for wildlife, other drivers and pedestrians.

“An outraged local sent us the short video, in which a driver appears to swerve across the path of another vehicle and aim at a dingo trotting along the beach,” Mr Seeleither said.

“We don’t know if it was a tourist or a resident driving, we only know it was someone driving stupidly and dangerously.

“Rangers are investigating the incident. If you witnessed this event or have any further information on the people involved, please call QPWS on (07) 4127 9150.

“Dingoes and other wildlife are protected on the island, and they are part of the World Heritage values of Fraser.

“We have safety rules that are for your benefit as well as the welfare of dingoes. Never approach or feed dingoes. Don’t encourage their attention, and don’t harass them. Stay in your vehicle and allow them to pass.

“Give way to wildlife. Drive around – not through – flocks of birds on the beach. Don’t disturb them, as they are resting after long, exhausting migration flights.

“Fraser’s beach is a gazetted road with the usual road rules, but there are extra things to be aware of – and even more need to be cautious at the moment, with school holiday crowds and recreational fishers increasing the traffic.

“Watch out for pedestrians, washouts, and even the occasional plane landing on the beach.

“Beach conditions vary depending on the tides. Avoid sharp turns and sudden braking. Park at an angle so other drivers can see you are stationary.

“If you see people driving inappropriately on Fraser Island please get registration details and report to police or rangers immediately,” Mr Seeleither said.

More tips for driving on Fraser Island’s beaches and the inland tracks are at (PDF, 3.7M)*

The regularly updated Fraser Island conditions report is at

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29 September 2015