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Cairns whale given opportunity to find its own way from reef lagoon

10 July 2015

Further attempts to assist a whale from a reef lagoon off Cairns will cease for the time being, to give the whale an opportunity to find its own way to open waters.

The QPWS vessel Crikey, local tourism vessel Viking, and QPWS rangers and whale experts last night attempted to guide the whale out of the lagoon using lights on the vessels.

This, and previous daylight attempts throughout the week, have proved unsuccessful.

Following expert advice, QPWS will suspend any further action to move the whale, relieving it of any stress these actions might cause and giving it the opportunity to find its own way out of the lagoon.

An expert evaluation has now determined the whale is most likely a Bryde’s whale.

It is in reasonable condition and there are no physical limitations preventing it from leaving the lagoon.

The lagoon is large, its entrance is well-defined, the whale is mobile and open water remains accessible at all times.

The whale was first reported to QPWS on Friday 03 July.

In circumstances like these in the past whales have swum to open water on their own.

QPWS again reminds people that boating traffic can add to a whale’s distress and asks members of the public to avoid the area while the whale is in the lagoon.

All marine strandings, including whale strandings, can be reported to the marine stranding contact number, 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).

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10 July 2015