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Changes to commercial bait netting in conservation park (yellow) zones in state marine parks

Commercial bait or “small mesh” net fishing has been restricted within Queensland marine park conservation park (yellow) zones following community concern over commercial bait netters catching popular table fish within yellow zones and selling these to fresh fish markets.

Yellow zones provide for the conservation of the marine environment while also providing opportunities for reasonable use and enjoyment, including recreational fishing and limited commercial fishing.

The use of bait nets by commercial fishers has historically been permitted in yellow zones. However, there has been uncertainty about what fish could be taken using bait nets.

Marine park zoning plans have been amended to strengthen the zoning provisions of the state’s marine parks.

The changes will prevent commercial bait netters from taking bream, flathead and whiting while operating bait nets within marine park yellow zones.

Bait and cast nets will continue to be the only commercial nets allowed within the yellow zones.

Further Information

Any questions regarding the proposed changes to commercial small mesh/bait netting should be emailed to, or see the Frequently asked questions.

Last updated
1 December 2011