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Declared Fish Habitat Area Network Assessment Report 2012

This report documents the status of the Declared Fish Habitat Area (FHA) Network as at June 2012. It is an initiative of the Declared Fish Habitat Area Network Strategy 2009-14.

Each declared FHA was given a 'traffic light' rating corresponding to a priority for action:

  • Red = high priority.
  • Yellow = medium priority.
  • Green = low priority.

Specific management actions were recommended for each declared FHA.

Overall the declared FHA network was assessed to be in good condition, with no 'red' declared FHAs. Most declared FHAs had good fish habitat diversity and associated fisheries activity, which reflects the importance of these two key attributes in the selection of areas for FHA declaration.

Commonly identified issues included the need for increased communication activities, more partnerships with key stakeholders and better integration of declared FHAs into planning processes.

The effectiveness of the responses to the report´s management actions will be reviewed annually and included in the next declared FHA network assessment report, due in five years (2017).

The progress reports summarise annual reviews of responses to the report's management actions.

Find out more about declared FHAs, including maps, management and consultation.

Last updated
11 September 2017