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Resource library

Sport and recreation organisations are the lifeblood of communities. The resource library provides information and tools to help organisational development.

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Good Governance is critical to organisational success and is all about the processes for making and implementing decisions. Simply, it is the systems, structures, processes and culture by which organisations are directed and managed.


Access to quality sport and recreation facilities is a critical success factor for a thriving sport and recreation industry. Good facility management requires forward planning and adoption of best practice across planning, management and maintenance.


Day to day management of sport and recreation organisations is not just about the bricks and mortar. It includes the processes and resources that you use to ensure the highest quality products and services as efficiently as possible. More resources coming soon.

Sponsorship and marketing

Marketing helps organisations communicate information about their activities. Sponsorship is a form of marketing that enables organisations to gain income and in-kind support from a wide range of sources. More resources coming soon.


Events play an important role in the community and are also a major activity for many sport and recreation organisations. Event management involves the planning, organisation, staging and evaluation of an event whether it is a small club awards night or a large invitational championships. More resources coming soon.


Community sport and recreation depends heavily on the commitment of thousands of volunteers—the people who make sport and recreation happen. Best practice in recruiting, developing, leading and embracing volunteers is critically important. More resources coming soon.

Last updated
12 September 2016