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Volunteer protection

Volunteer protection is an integral part of the management and running of clubs and associations. Volunteer protection includes the child protection, risk management and behaviour management. Organisations and individuals providing regulated child-related services are responsible for fostering safe service environments for children.

Blue cards: All volunteers (coaches, officials, administrators etc.) in Queensland should obtain a blue card via the Public Safety Business Agency before coming into contact with children.

In the litigious society we now live in, it is more important than ever before that volunteers, coaches and officials are aware of all aspects of risk management associated with their roles. In addition, managing the behaviour of players, coaches, officials and spectators can be one of the most challenging aspects of the role of volunteers and staff.

The various resources listed below may assist you protect your staff and volunteers. Access specific information relating to:

Volunteer protection

Read more about volunteer protection at the following websites:

Resource Description
Blue Cards

Blue Card Services

Information and forms on Blue Card applications and requirements.
Risk management strategies for child protection

Blue Card Services

Resources for developing a Risk Management Policy. Mandatory to have a policy from 1 January 2007.
Guidelines for working with children

Play by the Rules

Resources for your Club to ensure coaches provide a safe, inclusive and safe environment.

Child Protection for coaches (PDF)

Australian Sports Commission

A fact-sheet summary of tips for coaches on how to protect children.


Read more about insurance at the following websites:

Resource Description

Volunteer Risk Management and Insurance

Volunteering Queensland

Resources for organisations who involve volunteers. 

Safety and Risk Management for Officials

Australian Sports Commission

Detailed description of safety and risk management principles and procedures for officials. Includes a printable fact sheet.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation

A new framework for the delivery of responsible service of Alcohol training in Queensland was introduced on 1 July 2009.


AON Insurance advice for Volunteers and organisations


AON, in conjunction with Volunteering Australia, has worked to develop resources to suppose information of Insurance Cover for Charitable, Not for Profit, Voluntary Organisations & Organisations that involve Volunteers.

Behaviour management

Read more about behaviour management at the following websites:

Resource Description

Play by the Rules Campaign

Play by the Rules

To assist clubs to create safe, fair and inclusive environments, Play by the Rules provides access to free resources and online training opportunities.

Keeping sport fun and safe

Sport and Recreation Victoria

Codes of behaviour for user friendly junior sport clubs.

Managing bad behaviour

Play by the Rules

A brochure of tips on how your club can manage bad behaviour.

Managing sports rage

Sport and Recreation New Zealand

Provides a range of tools to help clubs get rid of sport rage.

Drug and alcohol management assistance

Australian Drug Foundation

Good Sports is an Australian Drug Foundation initiative that helps community sporting clubs manage alcohol responsibly and reduce alcohol problems such as binge drinking and underage drinking. The program aims to develop safer, healthier communities by assisting community sporting clubs.

Managing discrimination

Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland

Access information brochures on types of unfair treatment and complaint processes within Queensland.

Behaviour management tools and templates

Resource Description

Behaviour management training

Play by the Rules

Free online training for administrators, coaches and officials and players about their rights and responsibilities under discrimination and child protection laws.
Last updated
15 September 2014