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Cassowary advice: Mount Hypipamee National Park

This alert applies to the following parks:

Cassowaries have been recently sighted within Mount Hypipamee National Park. Cassowaries are potentially dangerous. Avoid unnecessary risks and help protect these endangered animals by following these guidelines:

  • Never approach cassowaries including chicks.
  • Never feed cassowaries – it is illegal, dangerous and has caused cassowary deaths. Feeding cassowaries is an offence and penalties do apply.
  • Always discard food scraps in closed bins.
  • Always slow down when driving in cassowary country.
  • Never stop your vehicle to look at cassowaries on the road.
  • Dogs are not permitted in national parks.

If confronted by a cassowary: Do not run. Without turning, retreat slowly. If the bird becomes aggressive, place a solid object such as a tree between yourself and the bird. If nothing is available, hold an object such as an item of clothing or backpack in front of you and continue.

For more information please visit: Be Cass-o-wary!!

Last updated
29 August 2017